[messages] [Developers] test build for 3.1.19

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Apr 24 10:46:57 MST 2012

Thus spake Joel Uckelman:
> > 2. The VASSAL application is delivered on the dmg disk image as read
> > only for all. This means whenever I want to do anything with it, for
> > example delete an older copy, I have to enter my administrator password.
> > Other software delivered on dmg's does not come with this problem.
> To date, we've been creating the disk image with genisoimage on Linux.
> My guess for why is shows up as read-only is that the filesystem in the
> image is ISO9660, not HFS+. I think genisoimage can generate an HFS
> (no plus?) filesystem as well, and I seem to have mkfs.hfs and
> mkfs.hfsplus, so I might be able to use dd, mkfs, mount, and cp to make
> an HFS or HFS+ image.

Just to see what it would do, I tried creating an HFS+ image for
3.1.19-svn8137 manually:


Is this any better? Does it even work at all?


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