[messages] [Module Design] Disable a single piece

wootersl wootersl at pwotech.com
Tue Apr 24 18:11:25 MST 2012

Ok. New to creating modules and had a question.

I have a "single piece" that I want to have disabled and unable to be
moved until a Global Property is a certain level.

For example, I created an At-start stack single piece that is a card in
the player's hand at the beginning of the game. I want this piece to be
unmovable and un-selectable to start with. Then when a Global Property
reaches a certain level, I want the piece to become active. I have the
part of the Global Property and how to change the values. The problem I
am having is what property of the piece enables and disables the piece?
I found where I can enable/disable a keystroke, but not an entire piece.

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