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chrono280 chrono280 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 20:47:35 MST 2012

Might be easier to try and have a "dummy piece" in your at start stack. 
The dummy would be the piece in its disabled state.  Then when a global
property reaches a certain point a Trigger for Activation of the piece
could become available which would Replace With Other the dummy piece.
If having an Activation trigger on the piece is no good, you could also
add a Global Key Command onto whatever other piece/object increases your
Global Property you are tracking.  For instance:

-You have a piece with a value called HP that can be increased or
decreased with a keystroke
-You have your at start disabled piece, let's call it a Hospital
-You use a Trigger for increasing and decreasing this dynamic property
(the HP)
-The disabled Hospital is actually a dummy piece, all it has is a
Replace with Other property
-At the end of the HP changing Trigger could be a Global Key Command
that only fires if HP < 10 (or whatever value) and (&&) a global
property that is either true/false for if the Hospital piece has been
activated. So it would only fire if HP <10 and Hospital is Inactive.
-The Global Key Command would initiate a replace with other on your
Hospital to replace it with the actual, active Hospital piece

Clear as mud?

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