[messages] [Module Design] Disable a single piece

cparrott chuckparrott at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 25 08:50:07 MST 2012

I think the issue you may be running into is that a piece has to have
the 'Does Not Stack' trait set to be immovable. This trait is set at
design time and there isn't any way I know of to change it via module
interaction during run time. What you need to do is make your piece/card
and then make a transparent piece of the same size or slightly larger to
cover the piece. The transparent piece would contain the does not stack
trait and a delete trait and a hide/disable command trait. Hide the
delete command until the minimum threshold is met in your GP. Make sure
that you put the transparent piece in a layer above the underlying piece
so the two items don't get accidentally swapped.

Then when the covering transparent piece is deleted, the piece
underneath is accessible to the user.

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