[messages] [Module Design] Disable a single piece

wootersl wootersl at pwotech.com
Wed Apr 25 11:45:44 MST 2012

Ok. That helps with that. Let me ask this. Is there a way to change a
piece trait value from the actions of another piece. I thought of
another way to accomplish what I want to do....if I'm able to.

I have a game piece that has "Restricted Access" and it's initially set
to "Locked" (which is a non-existant player, so no one can do anything
with the piece).

Then I have another piece that is my tech level piece. It allows the
player to adjust the level. When the level is a certain point (say >5)
then it will change the "Restricted Access" of the previous game piece
from "Locked" to "Purple Player" (a valid player).

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