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masacrejcr joan at marcove.com
Sat Apr 28 01:09:13 MST 2012

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In my module I have counters for player 1, counters for player 2 and
counters for land elements. The counters may be in same hex at a time.
I would like counters for land elements to be always at the bottom of
the stacks. In player's 1 turn, his counters shoul be on top of stacks,
while the same with player's 2 turn.
To solve that, I made 3 layers in this order land, player 1, player 2.
through a layer control, I can rotate the layers, but whatever I do, the
land elements layer stay in the middle, above player's 1 or player's 2
counters.  :evil: 
Even though I do not make the land layer, when I put a land counter it
goes on the top of the stacks, and when rotate layers, the land counters
always intervene.
Does anyone know how to fix it? :D

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