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tsnouffer ty at snouffer.net
Sun Apr 29 11:09:20 MST 2012

Thought I would copy a post from BGG. I'm looking for another Labyrinth
player to start here in the next week or so. 

__Format:__ VASSAL or Wargameroom. Prefer live with Skype. Open to live
with built in instant messaging. I don't mind partially playing a game,
saving, and coming back to it another night. 
Teach? Can your teach it or are you willing to?:__ I have limited
experience but enough to teach and make mistakes with another new

__Expertise:__ How much experience do you have with this game?:
Completed one FTF game. Have more experience with Twilight Struggle but
am looking to mix it up a bit. 

I'm available most week nights after 9pm Central Time. I haven't been
able to pick up the VASSAL module for Labyrinth as easily as the
Twilight Struggle module so some help or patience there would be

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