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larspeder dorthe.vaever at a.cirque.tv
Mon Jan 2 03:34:17 MST 2012

Hi everybody

My name is Lars-Peder i am looking for someone interested in playing:

Guns of August,
Russian Front or 
Empires in Arms

I am relatively new to VASSAL and so i have not discovered alle the
features yet. I have family with three children so there is not always 
a lot of time so PBEM is the best for me. Occasional sessions online is
also possible i live in Denmark in Europe. so it is GMT +1

I might also be interested in:

Case Yellow or Vietnam 1965-75 (i have the rules and the games but i
have never played them.)

i am already engaged in playing

"War and Peace", "Advanced Squad Leader" and "A World at War".

Any replies will get a serious answer

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