[messages] [General Discussion] Module Extension Directory Names

Hagar niswongerg at att.net
Sun Jan 8 10:42:54 MST 2012

The guidelines for posting updated modules suggest that the module file
name have a version as part of the name to avoid confusion.  (I forget
where I originally read this and have not been able to locate the
comment recently.)  An older module has extensions in a sub-directory
with the same name as the module itself with "_ext" appended.  I found
that if I post an updated module with a changed file name, i.e. with a
version appended, the older extensions will no longer load.  Restoring
the older module file name solves the problem.  I hate to break users'
existing setup with the updated module by changing its name.  However,
the prior version, which is still posted, still retains the old name and
would result in an obvious conflict.

Does the newer version of Vassal no longer require this sub-directory
name scheme?  What is the best way to handle this problem?

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