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On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 4:08 AM, shorttape <steve at bfllp.biz> wrote:

> do you have to have a hard copy of the game in question ie laid out in
> front of you with the associated board counters rule book blah blah blah

You won't need to have the board and counters out. That is really one of
the benefits of Vassal, in that it makes it easier to keep games around for
a long time without having them disturbed.

The rule book is something you will need to have available to you for
reference unless you know the game very well.

The other items depend on the module. Some modules include all the charts
and others are more basic and don't include tables or charts. For some
games, I find it more convenient to have my own copies of tables out rather
than using the Vassal versions, just because I find it easier to reserve
the screen for the game board and shuffle the tables using real paper. It
also lets me spread things out over a larger area than the computer monitor.

It is also considered good etiquette for one of the players to have the
game, since designers and publishers need money to stay in business and
continue to produce new games.

i have aslo noticed that B17 queen of the skies is available on module
> (this is a solo game ?)

Yes. It is the Avalon Hill game.
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