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Tim M timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 12 06:45:31 MST 2012

"irishwulf" wrote:
> Yes, you could do this relatively easily with custom classes, which
> are described in the programming tutorial.
>  However, from what I gather it is generally contrary to the spirit of
> Vassal - modules are usually designed to be as close as possible to
> the social experience of playing board games in person with your
> friends, with interface tweaks as appropriate.

I would say it is a lot more difficult than you make it sound, or it
would have been done already. As it is only a few modules even do some
semblance of rules AI/ Automating rules and tasks which is a lot easier
than building a bot AI which would require not only the code for the
rules but also decision paths for the bot etc... It is also not contrary
to anything, you can do what you want - if you want to put in a bot  or
rules you can, but Vassal may not be the best suited engine to do
certain things or tasks in its current state as it is not built very

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