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irishwulf irishwulf at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 08:24:23 MST 2012

I maintain that if you have experience writing an AI, integrating it
into VASSAL would be relatively easy.  I think much of the reason it
hasn't been done is that most games are either really complex, and
therefore hard to code an AI for, or they're pretty common, e.g.
Monopoly, in which case there are already many other AI implementations.
 Please forgive my naivete, but couldn't this essentially just be (for
1 hidden counter with a 64-property sheet to maintain game state
map triggers to update the game state on drag-and-drop (global property
fromSquare, toSquare, GKC to the gamestate updater)
main map button to set the AI's next move (fromSquare, toSquare) -
almost directly ripped from Tension.java, but with nextMove() instead of
map triggers, if desired, to automatically call the AI's next move after
updating game state
Send To Locations, if desired, to automatically move the AI's pieces

It seems to me that the hard part is coding the nextMove() function.  So
if you're prepared to do that, I think tying it into VASSAL should be

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