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mycenae ed at crucible.cc
Thu Jan 12 23:32:53 MST 2012

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I'm pretty sure v3.1 was around in 2008. I got involved with Vassal in
back in '07 and it was 3.1 when I got started.

As for the right-click commands not working...hm...some thoughts:

-Check any piece that you added a command to, in the Editor, and look at
the traits related to the command. In order for a command to show on the
menu, the trait needs to have an entry for Command Name (depending on
the trait, it's sometimes called Menu Text). If Command Name is empty,
the item won't show on the menu. Are those filled in for the missing

-Try adding a new trait to a piece, something simple. (If you're using
Vassal 3.1, I'd use Delete.) Then check the right-click menu for the
piece. Does the Play Sound command show up on the piece now?

-Could this be a mouse issue? If you switched from PC to Mac since 2008,
the module would still work, but the mouse would work differently by

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