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mycenae ed at crucible.cc
Sun Jan 15 08:58:13 MST 2012

I think it's necessary to have the players actively do something to
trigger setup (such as having each one click a button). The button could
be a disposable counter and could even be deleted after the game setup
is over. The module won't know passively how many players are connected.

Or have one player click a 'Number of Players' button that triggers the
right card deals at game start. There could be commands on the button, 1
for each player number ("Setup 2 Players", "Setup 3 Players", etc.) Each
one of these commands triggers the setup routine for that number of

Their nicknames, however, are each contained in the $PlayerName$
property. For labels on the turn tracker, use Text Label Traits on the
counter. If you set up a command for each player to click, you could
have the command set a group of Global Properties with each player's
name ($PlayerName$) and then use the GP values for the labels.

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