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mycenae ed at crucible.cc
Sun Jan 15 10:26:16 MST 2012

No, those properties are visible at the module level. For each player,
you can access a property called 'PlayerSide' (the side the player has
joined). So Vassal definitely knows your side if you're in the game.
There's another one called PlayerName that works the same. You can use
these properties in reports, text labels, comparisons, etc. 

What's not exposed is the converse.  If a player is in a game, you can
access the property that names the side he's on...but not the property
that tells you whether a given side has a player assigned (and which
player it is). Like you point out, when logging on, there can be only
one player 1, player 2, so the module definitely knows when a side is
taken... but this property of a side is not visible.

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