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oiyounutter timporterusa at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 15 23:18:10 MST 2012

Help needed in a block game with more than one player per side with
getting the hide/showing of blocks working as i want

Only players of the same side can view blocks; this was working fine,
then I changes some of the blocks attributes, moved them around and now
only the owner can see the blocks once they are masked/hidden; the other
player/s on the same side now see the hidden block not the face... I am
thinking this is a attribute order issue but do not understand why 

flipping blocks to the hidden side automatically when they are dragged
from the force pool window to the main map.... the key cmd
ctrl-alt-shift-H is applied to units ending on the main map and there is
a global-key-command to react to that key combo that sends the
flip-shortcut to units with restriction of ObscuredToOthers=false....
this works in the force pool window but not when i drag the units
between windows ?

help, ideas please !


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