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dogmatix hoffmanjust at saic.com
Wed Jan 18 21:12:40 MST 2012

A quick note on contacting your representatives: there is a direct
relationship in their minds between the effort a constituent puts into
the contact and the weight the representative gives the opinion. An
email through an automated template or, worse, a signature on an
e-petition carries a LOT less weight in their minds than an actual
letter or a quick visit to their offices. This is a long-standing
practice that is based in the belief that someone who actually takes the
time to write a letter and drop a stamp on it more likely to be an
activist pain in their ass when it really counts during election time. 

Right, wrong, behind the times or not, that's the way of the world here
in DC. One personalized, hand-signed letter *will* carry more weight
than 1,000 "form letter/postcards" or 10,000 "e-signatures." (And if you
ever end up here in town on some sort of touristy kind of thing, don't
hesitate to stop by their office. It takes a few minutes and it's one of
those things that carries real weight.)

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