[messages] [Opponents Wanted] VASSAL, ZunTzu & FtF Opponents Wanted

gunny3013 gunny3013 at comcast.net
Wed Jan 18 21:32:20 MST 2012

VASSAL, ZunTzu and FtF opponents wanted for any of the following games;
Great Campaign of the American Civil War Series - All / Any
Operational Combat Series - All / Any
The Devil's Cauldron / where Eagles Dare
The Civil War (VG)
War in the Pacific 2ed (DG)
Eastern Front Barbarrossa Series (GMT) - All / Any
Battles of the American Civil War Series - All / Any
A Victory Lost / A Victory Denied
The Battle for Normandy (GMT)
Highway to the Reich 2ed (DG)
Computer War in Europe (DG)
Wacht-am-Rhein (DG)

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