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Michael Kiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Thu Jan 19 12:53:19 MST 2012

Joel, you should put something on the main website.

If those laws go into effect and someone accuses vassalengine.org of
copyright violation--whether proved or not--the site will go down.  I think
it's hosted in the U.S., no?

Maybe we should put something on CSW as well.  I was just on the GMT folder
and there are some favourable views regarding those two laws.  I don't
think a lot of people understand how much of a blunt instrument those two
laws are.

- M.

On 18 January 2012 15:18, uckelman <uckelman at nomic.net> wrote:

> SOPA and PIPA, bills under consideration in the US House and Senate,
> pose a grave thread to the internet. In particular, the copyright
> provisions could stop VASSAL in its tracks. If you value your ability to
> play games that you own using VASSAL, and you're a US citizen, please
> consider calling or writing your representative and senators and
> expressing your oppositoin to SOPA (House bill) and PIPA (Senate bill)
> before 24 January, when Congress is scheduled to vote.
> The Electronic Fronteir Foundation has a handy web form which makes it
> easy to email your congresspeople:
> http://blacklists.eff.org/[1]
> [1] http://blacklists.eff.org/
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