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larspeder dorthe.vaever at a.cirque.tv
Thu Jan 19 15:10:19 MST 2012

Hi Lance

I tried to send something to you yesterday but i am not sure it reached

I have never tried the russian campaign and would actually rather try
Russian Front if that ok with you.

Otherwise Vietnam might be an idea but i have to read the rules on that
one and you will have to åatient with me in the beginning.

Other games i would like to play are

War and Peace
Guns of August
Case Yellow 
If you have a special favourite please let me know.

If you are stil interested please contact me on 

lars-peder.jensen at hotmail.dk[1] or dorthe.vaever at a.cirque.tv[2]



[1] mailto:lars-peder.jensen at hotmail.dk
[2] mailto:dorthe.vaever at a.cirque.tv

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