[messages] [Module Support] Re: TS - Bear Trap event won´t trigger

RadiusPunched david.ekberg at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 05:02:19 MST 2012

Hi! Thanks for the answer. I haven´t contacted you, must be someone
else :-)

We did work around it manually. My opponent just played a card for the
discard, rolled a dice and did not use the Ops. Otherwise the module
would not let us advance the turn as my opponent had "not played a

Strange thing is, later on (a couple of action rounds) the event, Bear
Trap, started to automate... My opponent could get around this by
pressing ESC.

Now we have another similar issue that is harder to bypass in this
manner. I hope you can help us with it! I played Missile Envy in my
action round. Now nothing happens. I ended the log file and sent it over
to my opponent. He can´t give me a card manually and the event is not
automated, even if he includes my log file into his own.


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