[messages] [General Discussion] Re: revisiting preventing rigged dice rolls in online play

irishwulf irishwulf at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 12:56:13 MST 2012

I think it seems solid, but yes, surely there is a better way to verify
that you've been given the correct key by Vassal1.
However, supposing this was implemented exactly as stated - even if some
clever person could figure out a way to circumvent it, say, if they
discovered a way to generate multiple valid keys for their original
encrypted message - if they then dug into the source and recompiled a
modified version of Vassal to implement their hack - then I would say,
let them have it.  I mean, geez!
I feel the same way about die rolls in Vassal as is, however.  I imagine
you could probably make a personal die roller just by throwing a button
onto a custom version of the module, without even cracking the hood on
the Vassal engine itself - but I mean, when your buddies notice you get
an awful lot of high rolls, they're probably not going to want to play
with you all that much.
So in other words, I think it's a fantastic solution, but if I were a
developer I honestly probably wouldn't bother all that much.  But then
I'm pretty lazy, so who knows?


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