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bonobo remimathieu3 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 11:33:11 MST 2012

Hey community!!
I just finish the rules of my board game and i did a very basic module
in order to test it..
but there is a problem, its too long to play with this module (not very
practical). So is it possible to:

1) have a button to show/hide player hand.
2) have like a turn counter which allow me to have choice (ex: its turn
1, i have two choice, draw or put a card on the board) which allow me to
just click on draw and then i draw automatically. (like in the Twilight
Struggle module if u know it)
3) have cards whose automatically do their propreties. (in my game you
have to put card on a turn, if i put a card on the 5th turn, i want if
i'm on the 5st turn that this card proprietie be activate automatically
(like + 2 blue cube))
4) when i play with my friend online with this module, even if we're on
the same game, i didnt saw the card move on my screen if my friend had
moved them!!!it was just say in the command bar, card 1 move to deck
X...but he can draw the 40 cards in the deck and so do I !!! whats the

Sorry for my bad english, i'm French.
Thanks in advance,
Board game power!!!

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