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barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Tue Jan 24 13:31:09 MST 2012

I have a Turn Counter which contains a Counter (called Turn) which, in
turn, contains a List, called Sides (e.g. RED, GREEN and BLUE).

However, in this game the order of play has to change every Turn (the
side with fewer victory points should start first), so that RGB is the
order the first turn, but the next one it could be GBR or BRG.

I know I can check a button on the List definition to have players
changer the order of the sides as they wish.

However, is there a way to do it programmatically, for example via set
global properties or the like?

Are the strings in a List exposed as global properties? (Maybe
Sides_string1, Sides_string2... or something like that...)

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