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irishwulf irishwulf at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 10:24:39 MST 2012

My apologies, I had forgotten that the option was introduced in 3.2.  I
have reproduced this problem in 3.1.17, and specifying the CurrentMap
property doesn't seem to fix it - it doesn't seem that a toolbar GKC can
reference counters on other maps at all.  However, you can do the
1) Make an at-start stack in your player hand with one piece, no image,
to get the cards for you.  I call mine CardRetriever.
2) Give CardRetriever a GKC trait to do what you wanted your button to
do, i.e. send CTRL-A to 1 card with matching properties: DeckName =
yourDeck.  You don't need to specify CurrentMap = Main Map, but you can
and it's probably a good idea.  The 'Keyboard Command' can be anything
you like, even CTRL-A.
3) Now redirect your GKC button to trigger the GKC trait on
CardRetriever; so use matching properties: BasicName = CardRetriever and
have the GKC match the 'Keyboard Command' you picked for the GKC trait
on that piece.


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