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george973 george973 at btinternet.com
Wed Jan 25 12:41:21 MST 2012

Thus spake irishwulf:
> After further experimentation, I do not believe this bug is related to
> the size of the module - I think the reason I started noticing it more
> over time is due to my own changing interaction with the editor. That
> is, fields that have focus when 'OK' is pressed on the relevant dialog
> do not seem to ever be truncated. In the process of performing many
> similar edits, I usually switch to a keyboard-only input pattern, i.e
> tabbing to the 'OK' button, which takes the focus away from all input
> fields - resulting in a much higher number of truncations.

I've looked at this and doesn't reproduce for me. It can't be the focus
as the system is internally changing its value every time you type a
key, so if you type "123" it sets the integer internally to 1 then 12
and then 123. Once you hit OK these values are copied to the appropriate

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