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irishwulf irishwulf at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 15:31:48 MST 2012

  Couldn't it still be the focus?  I have observed this behavior on
component name properties as well, in which case the name as reflected
in the configure tree list is truncated.  More accurately, my edit is
truncated, as though some buffer of my keystrokes is flushed
prematurely.  Say I change 'PlayerWindow1' to 'PlayerMap1' by setting my
cursor to the left of the 1, backspacing, then typing 'Map'; I will
_very_ rarely get the following in the main editor window:
...but 'PlayerMap1' in the dialog in which I'm entering text.  I can't
remember whether I changed the focus away from the name field before
observing the 'PlayerMa1', but the dialog was certainly still open.  I
can't think off the top of my head how the focus can be a factor, unless
the buffer is cleared differently on exiting the dialog, but with
continued experimentation I am now 99% certain that retaining focus when
clicking 'OK' correctly applies the changes.
In any case, the behavior is inconsistent (which is one of the most
infuriating things about it) - I was not able to reproduce it just now
in a fresh module using roughly 100 purely at-start stack coordinate
edits.  Perhaps it starts appearing after a very high number of
consecutive edits; I may only start seeing it after after several days
of edits to a module.  I'll try to provide a better sequence for
reproducing the behavior as I continue to observe it.

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