[messages] [Feature Requests] Feature requests.. simple ones, I think

barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Thu Jan 26 11:46:15 MST 2012

Hello, I have browsed for a while the feature request tracker but not
found the following features, which I think might be kind of
straightforward to include asap. Apologies in advance if, instead, they
are/were already discussed elsewhere.

Moreover, I hope I do not breach any rule by starting a small poll,
hoping somebody might find my requests reasonable and useful enough to
vote for them. However, if I do breach some written or unwritten rule,
please, go ahead and delete the all post or poll, and please accept my
humble apologies. :)

__DECK__ related:

1) I think it would be nice to be able to customize the text showing
when one checks "Allow multiple/specific cards to be drawn", because
sometimes decks are not at all made up of cards but of other kind of

2) It would also be nice to be able to hide the "Allow multiple/specific
cards to be drawn" deck commands as well as the send all deck to other
deck (_Reshuffle_) whenever some conditions are not met (see Restrict
Command trait on basic pieces)

3) Similarly, it would also be nice to be able to hide deck global key
commands (again, see Restrict Command trait)

__PIECE/STACK__ related:

4) The actual command keys associated to a trait are not really needed
by players, and are actually rather confusing, I think. For example, if
a unit has a delete trait with associated "Delete" text and "CTRL-D"
command, the player should only see "Delete" (unless the module designer
really wants to show keyboard shortcuts for everything). In other words,
there should be an option to avoid displaying command keys associated
with a trait: just show the text. Ideally this option could be at module
(or map) level.

__TURN COUNTER__ related:

5) It would be really nice to be able to alter the default order defined
in any List sub-component, without having to manually do it by hand. I
mean, for example, exposing the strings listed in the List as global
properties, which one could then access and modify via set global
properties traits.

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