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irishwulf irishwulf at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 21:35:50 MST 2012

> I like your idea, but it has a few drawbacks: (1) Moving the cards
> back and forth could be disruptive if the player has arranged his
> cards in a certain way in his hand. (2) The cards to be randomly
> selected from might not all be in the same hand. (3) The intended
> result of the random selection might be something other than
> discarding the selected card. (4) The resulting number of cards to be
> randomly selected might be more than 1.

First, I like your method, Justabill, and I have used something very
similar to your delegates myself.  However, I would like to point out
that Mycenae's model is essentially the one I use most often, and I
believe the objections you raise can actually be resolved pretty simply:

(1) Before sending the cards to the deck, tell each to record its
CurrentX and CurrentY, and send them back after you've done whatever you
want to do.
(2) You _can_ specify decks dynamically at runtime by using Send to
Location instead of Return to Deck.  So your players could still select
whatever cards they want, in whatever maps they want, and send them all
to their own private shuffle deck, or you could do this automatically
with matching properties.
(3) Global Key Command with Matching Property: DeckName, or Deck Global
context menus for that matter, can trigger any action you like.
(4) This can be a tricky workaround if you need to automatically draw a
variable number of pieces specified at runtime; worst case scenario, do
'fixed number of pieces' = 1 in your global key command, set up a
Trigger Action loop, and draw them one at a time until your loop
expires.  But it is possible for the brave.

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