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Tim M timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jan 27 07:15:33 MST 2012

yeah - Im not surprised. We do have a problem with that stuff, theres a
bug with the Zap tutorial stuff (can't find it at the moment) :)

What you might want to do is try this instead (a custom command encoder
that extends BasicCommandEncoder)

example that adds two traits in my module:

public class CCCommandEncoder extends BasicCommandEncoder {

  public Decorator createDecorator(String type, GamePiece inner) {
      if (type.startsWith(CalculatedProperty.ID)) {     
      return new CalculatedProperty(type, inner);
    else (type.startsWith(CCInfo.ID)) {     
      return new CCInfo(type, inner);
    return super.createDecorator(type, inner);

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