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irishwulf irishwulf at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 11:17:23 MST 2012

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A quick look at the PropertiesPieceFilter class indicates that the way
this is done in 3.1.18 is:
(1) Split the expression around ||
(2) Split each subexpression around &&
(3) Try to match each subexpression to an OPERAND COMPARATOR OPERAND
pattern - succeed (!!) if unable to match this pattern (so, i.e.,
setting 'MyProp' to 'false', and entering 'MyProp' as the property match
expression, will always succeed.  For that matter, 'false' will always

This order, with OR operands at the highest level, is borne out in my
own brief testing; so, for instance, the following will evaluate to true
with MyProp = TRUE:
MyProp = FALSE && MyProp = FALSE || MyProp = TRUE


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