[messages] [Developers] Map Window - changed button function?

mycenae ed at crucible.cc
Sat Jan 28 01:11:13 MST 2012

I just noticed that creating a new map window has changed in a small
way. When a new map window/private window is created, and you want to
specify a named button for the window, you need to save and reload the
module in order to be able to name the button. The text box to specify
the button name won't appear when first checking the box.

Was this change necessary in 3.1.18 to fix an issue?

BTW, the message for this new functionality is incorrect. It reads:
'only takes affect when module loaded'

The word 'affect' is the wrong spelling, and the module is already
loaded. A better message would be: 'will only take effect when module is

I will add a note about this new function to the designer's guide.

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