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JustaBill martinson2005 at netscape.net
Mon Jan 30 07:34:55 MST 2012

I'm feeling the lag problem myself.  It's not a problem with the random
selection function because it comes up so infrequently, but It's
sometimes painful at discard time.  When any card is discarded, there's
a lot of processing to make sure it is rotated to 0 degrees, all flags
are reset, the "magnify" layer is turned off, ownership is nulled out,
and so on.  It's not too bad for a single card, but discarding a batch
is pretty bad, and there's not any kind of "please wait" indicator.

I've been thinking I should turn off all the normalization stuff and
just force the players to de-rotate and de-annotate cards before
discarding.  It's just that I know they will forget (at least the
latter) and thus some cards in the deck will effectively be "marked".  I
guess if that happens, they can always un-mark and reshuffle.

I suppose irritation from a player making a mistake is better than
irritation from the module being slow.  At least the players have the
ability to do something about the former.

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