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Tim M timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 31 06:49:23 MST 2012

"JustaBill" wrote:
> "Tim M" wrote:
> > If you want to draw a player handcard from the main board using a
> > button GKC in the player hand you must specify the correct property
> > so that the GKC knows where to look otherwise it will only work in
> > its current map (which in this case is the player hand)
> > 
> > So what you will need is something like (replace the variables after
> > "=" to match your terminology)
> > 
> > CurrentMap = NameOfYourMapWithDeck && DeckName = NameOfYourDeck
> Whoa ... are you saying that the matching expression has an implicit
> "CurrentMap = thisMap" constraint, but the parser looks to see if you
> include your own "CurrentMap =" clause and then overrides the implicit
> constraint?  That sounds like a highly irregular way to apply
> conditions.
> If I'm reading you correctly, you are saying "Type = X && CurrentMap =
> MyMap" matches all X-components on MyMap, but "Type = X" by itself
> matches all X-components on the _current_ map.  I think most of us
> would expect the latter to match X-components on _all_ maps due to the
> obvious lack of any CurrentMap condition.
> Am I getting this wrong?

Nope, you are reading it correctly (first sentence) as it applies to
Global Key Command piece traits. A Global Key Command elsewhere in the
module tree also default limits it's search to the the "container" it
resides in (i.e a toolbar GKC at Map level will search only within that
Map unless you specifically tell it differently , whereas a toolbar GKC
at the Module level will search everywhere because it does not belong to
any Map / Zone etc..).

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