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Tue Jan 31 22:42:42 MST 2012

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"barbanera" wrote:
> __DECK__ related:
> 1) I think it would be nice to be able to customize the text showing
> when one checks "Allow multiple/specific cards to be drawn", because
> sometimes decks are not at all made up of cards but of other kind of
> pieces
> 2) It would also be nice to be able to hide the "Allow
> multiple/specific cards to be drawn" deck commands as well as the send
> all deck to other deck (_Reshuffle_) whenever some conditions are not
> met (see Restrict Command trait on basic pieces)
> 3) Similarly, it would also be nice to be able to hide deck global key
> commands (again, see Restrict Command trait)

This should be fairly straightforward to do in VASSAL 4.

> __PIECE/STACK__ related:
> 4) The actual command keys associated to a trait are not really needed
> by players, and are actually rather confusing, I think. For example,
> if a unit has a delete trait with associated "Delete" text and
> "CTRL-D" command, the player should only see "Delete" (unless the
> module designer really wants to show keyboard shortcuts for
> everything). In other words, there should be an option to avoid
> displaying command keys associated with a trait: just show the text.
> Ideally this option could be at module (or map) level.

I would strongly encourage you to reconsider not providing hotkeys to
players. Hotkeys are one of the things that experienced users use in
order to be able to work efficiently.

> __TURN COUNTER__ related:
> 5) It would be really nice to be able to alter the default order
> defined in any List sub-component, without having to manually do it by
> hand. I mean, for example, exposing the strings listed in the List as
> global properties, which one could then access and modify via set
> global properties traits.

This should also be possible in VASSAL 4.

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