[messages] [General Discussion] Does anyone have experince using Vassal on a tablet?

fatgreta fatgreta1066 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 11:04:56 MST 2012

I searched and didn't find any threads about this, so maybe I'm posting
in the wrong place (or maybe I'm not very good at searching). I wonder
if anyone has used vassal on a tablet (I know at least one fellow who
uses a program to run his home PC on his iPad and plays vassal that way,
that's not what I'm hoping to learn about)? This post is based on
assuming that there are some tablets out there that can run vassal, and
I may be wrong about that.

If so, I'd love to hear about any particular tablets that work, and any
experience of how using Vassal on it works. I expect that there will be
some challenges with screen size and such. Still, I think if I had a
vassal-ized tablet, I could play some solo games like Fields of Fire and
D-Day at Omaha beach when I've got down time, etc., and even if it's a
logistical challenge, it might be time well spent.

So, any feedback will be appreciated.



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