[messages] [General Discussion] Does anyone have experince using Vassal on a tablet?

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Wed Jul 4 11:44:06 MST 2012

Thus spake fatgreta:
> I searched and didn't find any threads about this, so maybe I'm posting
> in the wrong place (or maybe I'm not very good at searching). I wonder
> if anyone has used vassal on a tablet (I know at least one fellow who
> uses a program to run his home PC on his iPad and plays vassal that way,
> that's not what I'm hoping to learn about)? This post is based on
> assuming that there are some tablets out there that can run vassal, and
> I may be wrong about that.
> If so, I'd love to hear about any particular tablets that work, and any
> experience of how using Vassal on it works. I expect that there will be
> some challenges with screen size and such. Still, I think if I had a
> vassal-ized tablet, I could play some solo games like Fields of Fire and
> D-Day at Omaha beach when I've got down time, etc., and even if it's a
> logistical challenge, it might be time well spent.
> So, any feedback will be appreciated.

We're planning to have builds of VASSAL 4 for iOS and Android tablets.

It is possible to display VASSAL 3 on a tablet if you have some sort of
remote desktop program---I seem to recall that Michael Kiefte had tried

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