[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] 3.1.19: bugs or undocumented behavior?

shilinski stan at hilinski.net
Thu Jul 5 09:52:50 MST 2012

I was updating the Tonkin module (Legion Wargames) using 3.1.19, and I
had three problems that took me two days to sort out. I am unsure if the
problems are bugs or expected (but undocumented) behavior.

1. A piece in the game has a Layer trait. It is always active. It has
two levels. The first level has no image (null image). The second level
has a png image. When I edit the Layer trait (the first time per edit
session), I get the message "Bad Data in Module: Image not found." I
think this is a poor and uninformative message for a setup that the
documentation says is valid.

2. A piece in the game uses a prototype with two traits in the trait
list in the following order:
Report Action - ^D delete

I have set the Delete trait to delete the piece with control-D. The
report format is "$playerSide$ deletes $newPieceName$. 
($oldLocation$)".When I delete the piece, the chat window message prints
a null for oldLocation: "()". I change "oldLocation" to "location", but
I get the same result. Now if I switch the order of the report and
delete traits so that report is AFTER/LOWER than delete, then location
and oldLocation print correctly.

3. There is a similar behavior with the report trait and
send-to-location. I have a piece with two traits listed in the follower
Report Action - ^K from hex to dead zone
Send to Location - ^K to dead zone

The report format is "$oldPieceName$ sent ($oldLocation$ to
$location$)". The message I get is "piece sent (dead zone to dead
zone)". ("dead zone" is the destination.) If I switch the traits so
Report is AFTER/LOWER, I get the desired result: "piece sent (0711 to
dead zone)".

It appears that report traits must be lower than delete or
send-to-location traits in the trait list. Otherwise, the reports print
undesireable value for locations. It took me a lot of work to figure
this out. I have not found any odd behavior using the report trait with
other traits.

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