[messages] [Module General Discussion] Goa 2nd ed. - anyone interested?

lacki2000 lacki2005 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 13:50:44 MST 2012

Well, all this plantations, ships and spices are just addition to game
mechanics. There is an old chinese saying "Forget about role-playing
dude, it's f*n' eurogame!"
Furthermore Z-Man Games did not allow me to publish it, regarding some
crazy new electronic rights policies :evil: Maybe some powerful member
of vassal community could influence a little on them to change their
mind? Afterall we have some of their games on vassal and other game
sites... (i.e. Merchants&Marauders)
Otherwise I'll still be playing it only with me and myself... it makes
me a saaad panda...

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