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Ratty leymaster at nezumi.me.uk
Tue Jul 10 19:35:12 MST 2012

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OK there is a slight issue with using Global Hot Keys to Shuffle Decks
as part of a chain of triggers, that can cause a bug..

The best way is to create a hidden deck that is set to always shuffle..
IE when you draw a card from it,it comes up randomly. Then move all
cards to that Deck (Don't use send to deck), then all cards from that
Deck back to your original deck. This will have the same effect as
shuffling, but won't cause errors.

The way I do it is... Note I'm using 3.2 which is a really good idea if
you do lots of things like this

__Hidden Object__

          Keyboard Command: Remake Deck
          Perform these Keystokes:

          Keyboard Command: Remake
          Global Key Command: SendShuffler
          Matching Properties: DeckName = yourDrawDeck || PieceName =
          Within a Deck, apply to: All Pieces

          Keyboard Command: Shuffle_Deck
          Global Key Command: ShuffleBackToDeck
          Matching Properties: DeckName = yourHiddenAlwaysShuffleDeck
          Within a Deck, apply to: All Pieces

__On Cards__

          Keyboard Command: SendShuffler
          Perform these Keystokes:

Return to Deck: 
         Keyboard Command: SendCardToShuffler
         Select Deck: yourHiddenAlwaysShuffleDeck

          Keyboard Command: ShuffleBackToDeck
          Perform these Keystokes:

Return to Deck: 
         Keyboard Command: SendCardToDeck
         Select Deck: yourDrawDeck

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