[messages] [Module Design] Text Label in At-Start Stack and impossible selection

Ektelioth ektelioth at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 01:12:04 MST 2012

Hello all,

I suppose my question will seem a bit of a noob one, but I am beginning
to lose all understanding I supposed I had concerning Vassal Modules.

I am currently trying a simple thing: an editable text label in an
At-Start Stack where you can put your name with the "Change Label"
command integrated with the Text Label trait. My issue is that I can not
select the piece when I define the shortcut for the Change Label menu
item whereas I can select it if I leave the shortcut empty...

There is nothing more in the piece than the basic piece trait (with a
name but no image), then the text label trait and a delete trait (that
appears correctly if I leave the shortcut empty for Change Label).

I would gladly receive any advice you could give to me! And sorry if it
is a stupid question :)

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