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JustaBill martinson2005 at netscape.net
Wed Jul 11 12:51:54 MST 2012

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I've had exactly the same experience, and it took a while to get used to
this since it seems counterintuitive.  Now I constantly feel compelled
to open those hidden panes to make sure there isn't a value lurking in
there that's going to give me the wrong behavior.  I would recommend
that checkboxes not be used as open/close handles for hidden panes,
since the user expectation would likely be that the checkbox means
active/inactive.  Or, what I really should say is, it's fine if the
checkbox opens/closes the panel, but it should remember its state (not
always default to unchecked/closed), and that state should be used to
determine if the values contained therein are used by the engine or
ignored.  (Of course this will probably confuse veteran module designers
since it would be a behavior change.)

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