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JustaBill martinson2005 at netscape.net
Thu Jul 12 10:12:57 MST 2012

"irishwulf" wrote:
> In 3.1, to subtract one number from another, the only method I know of
> is to use a loop, decrementing both values until the one reaches zero.

If you know that the result of the subtraction will be non-negative,
another method would be to create an invisible piece and use Send to
Location to move it to, say, (0,$FirstNumber$). In the Advanced Options,
your Additional Y Offset would be -1 and the "times" value would be
$SecondNumber$. Then have your invisible piece update a 'Result' global
property with its CurrentY value.

Negative results probably could be accommodated by using a bias on the Y
coordinate, the negative of which you have already stored in another
global property; for example, a 'Bias' GP that's set to -10000.  In this
case, you would first do a Send to Location to (0,10000) with no
advanced options, then perform a Move Fixed Distance of
(0,$FirstNumber$) with the Advanced Options on the Y coordinate of -1
and $SecondNumber$ as described above. After setting your 'Result' GP
equal to $CurrentY$, you would then de-bias it by Incrementing it by

But really, though, all of this is duck-tape abuse of the Vassal engine.
 Personally I'd rather be patient for the stable production release of
3.2 and just use BeanShell to do the math.

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