[messages] [Opponents Wanted] Vassal PBEM: Block and CDG, easy summer gaming?

John Dietrich jsdieter at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 14 09:18:36 MST 2012

I would like to try Julius Caesar if you still need an opponent. I'm new to the 
game but have played many others on VASSAL.


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Summer time, is the time for gaming :D  Hi I live in Norway and have played some 
games here on Vassal. I love
both CDG`s and block games (currently playing Shiloh). Since I have some
family commitments pbem is the only way for me to play. I would like to
play games at moderat tempo. 1 post a day?

Games I suggest for easy summer gaming is: Block: Hammer of scots, Athens and 
spartha, Crusader rex, Hellenes and
Julius Cesare.
CDG: Twilight struggle, shifting sands, POG and barbarossa to berlin.
Open for other suggestions..


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