[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Sending a .vsav file from a PC to a MAC arrives as a .zip

fangotango florian at eastlink.ca
Sun Jul 15 06:01:39 MST 2012

The file name when I save it on my PC ends in .vsav, but when I email it
to my friend with his MAC, the file name now ends in .zip. 

When we double-click the .zip file on the MAC, it creates a folder with
three files - I can't remember the names, but two of them are only 4
bytes in size, and the third is much larger. We cannot get any of them
to open in Vassal. We also cannot open the original .zip file with

When he saves a log file on his MAC, the name ends in .vlog, and when
sent to me on my PC, the name is unchanged. The same fro .vsav files.

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