[messages] [Module General Discussion] I made the game of thrones module

eriktheguy eriktheguy7 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 13:42:25 MST 2012

I made the game of thrones (board game) module for personal play among
myself and friends. Because of this it doesn't meet all the criteria for
posting on this site. I won't post any links to the module on Vassal at
this time. Still, I've noticed a lot of the traffic for the mod file I
keep online so I assume people are interested in having this.

I would like make a version of the module which can be posted on this
site. Can anyone tell me specifically what I have to do to meet the
criteria Fantasy Flight has for vassal modules of their products? I'm
not clear on all the rules because I've seen mods for things like Arkham
horror on this site which don't seem to follow every rule I've heard. As
far as I understand, I can use game pieces/cards but no text from those
cards. Are these the only rules? Can I still keep the titles of the
cards, and things like sword/shield icons?

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