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chrono280 chrono280 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 17:37:45 MST 2012

Having some slight heart palpitations :-D  Hope you can help me
understand what I'm doing wrong.

In my 3.2.0-svn8213 module I have (many) values sort of operating in a
chart like a spread sheet but to boil it down-

-There are numerical counters that report the value of
"colonyCounterValue" which is a global property stored on the Map Window
they are in.
-This "colonyCounterValue" property can be passed to a Global Property
(filed in the root/main map Global Property section).  This Global
Property is something like "BluecolonyCounterValue". So it would only be
for the Blue team.
-The green team has a similar numerical counter on his Map Window with a
"colonyCounterValue" Global Property that passes its value to the
GreenColonyCounterValue global property on the main map.
-The idea behind all of this is that the numerical counters in my chart
have generic global properties that (I thought) were Local to the Map
window.  This makes it easy for me to copy and paste a chart for another
team.  Then I just adjust a counter on the chart that "routes" these
values to their respective team global value.

Counter value (generic) ->  Blue window -> Blue's counter value global

Counter value (generic) ->  Green window -> Green's counter value global

But what is happening now that I have finally set it up (there are MANY
MANY numerical counter "cells" in my spreadsheet). Is that if the Green
player makes a change to the generic "colonyCounterValue" it will be
reflected on the Blue Window.  In other words, I thought the Global
Properties stored in a given window were treated as local properties for
the counters in that window... but it seems they are not.  ...Help! 
Thanks in advance

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