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chrono280 chrono280 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 03:31:53 MST 2012

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Wow I had no idea this existed already.  Looks like it was reported in
Feb, I was about halfway through writing the Production Sheet section of
my module at that time.

Really this is a showstopper for my module.  I can rewrite it with
team-dependent global properties, but it would require changing the
prototypes for hundreds pieces since they now just inherity a single
prototype for using the local variables and then use $PlayerSide$ when
somthing needs to be sent to a team specific variable.

So, Barbanera & Brian & irishwulf & anybody else:

[b]How can I help!?[/b]  I really want to get this fixed for the 3.2.0
release.  My knowledge of Java is limited but I'm prepared to do
everything I can to fix this since that beats re-doing half of my new
module. Where can I start?  I'll see about putting the word out on the
BGG fourms for this game if anybody with Java experience could take a
stab at fixing this specific bug.

Let me know how I can make this happen.... I'm desperate!  :D 

For anybody following along, here is the link to the bug:

Read this topic online here:

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