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barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Fri Jul 20 04:19:13 MST 2012

Hi, thanks for your post!

I checked and I can confirm the first bug (with the F4 allies, solo play
mode only) but I couldn't reproduce the other two. Just to make sure,
let me report here the procedures in the two cases you mentioned:

1) Heroic Action card (to reduce Danger level), as well as wimilar card
which reduce Mistery/Crime threat levels, should be played first, by
right clicking on them in the team window ("Play") and then one has to
right click on the ready hero in Manhattan who is sent troubleshooting;
this is done this way because you might have more than one ready hero,
in different districts, both with the same threat type (Danger in this
case) and the game does not know which one to send.. Note that when you
right click on the hero you only get the "Troubleshoot (action)" option,
and no Return Home or Send elsewhere options.. Moreover, if you play
Heroic Action, say, by mistake because your ready hero are actually
positioned to solve Crime/Mistery threats.. then you are forced to click
UNDO once or the game stays frozen.

2)  Red Skull's scheming and scheming in general is done after you
declare an (optional) masterplan attempt. The mastermind specific
scheming ability can be played once at the appropriate time. For Red
Skull, you can play it immediately, to increase the threat level by the
level of the troubleshooting hero (of highest level, if more than one):
click on the "Scheming" part of Red Skull card and then right click on a
card in the Red Skull's villains pile to discard it. Either before or
after doing that (of if you decide not to take the special Red Skull
scheming) you can increase threat level by RS's own Danger/Crime/Mistery
level, by selecting the corresponding command on the right click menu of
the Red Skull miniature. Note that max threat level can always be 8, as
per the game rules, so that option will not be available anymore if you
already increase threat level to 8 following the special scheming
ability. Alternatively, you can take the "draw .. extra villain cards"
scheming option. Since those are "extra", this option is initially
greyed out and will become available - unless scheming was already done
- after rolling for trouble and receiving the standard villain cards all
mastermind receive when troubleshooting. Finally, if you opted not to
increase threat level and not to draw extra cards, Red Skull and the
others (except Dr Doom) can still boost villain dice: you do that by
right clicking on the mastermind miniature (back home or in the combat
window if he is also attempting a masterplan) when combat finally starts
and you get to the initial power selection choice (and no later than

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