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chrono280 chrono280 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 05:47:32 MST 2012

Geez, that's miserable.  I mean I know how to do that, I can make new
GPs within the map window easily enough, but I have a grid that is 15
counters by 20 counters (like a spreadsheet) and grids similar to that
in 4 other tabs within my production window. It's just a massive amount
of prototypes to replace.  In fact I'd go form having something like 50
prototypes total in my game to like 200, since they would now need to
'talk' to different variables. Maybe I could do it in text edit with the
buildfile.  I'd also have to go and do it for Red and Yellow then.  It
stinks, I thought I was on to something with the way I had the
local/global properties set up so I could duplicate everything out,
changing only a few properties for each team's private window.

What needs to be done to the vassal engine to fix this bug?  I just
think that's gotta be easier than re-wiring my production sheets. It
took me months to get them working right.  There's gotta be something I
can do to help!

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